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Your conservatory can be either the best or worst feature of your home. Our professional Conservatory Valet Service involves deep interior and exterior cleaning to restore your conservatory making it the most pristine part of your home.

The exterior of your conservatory dirties easily due to the constant weathering of wind, rain and ultraviolet light. Bird droppings if left, can cause permanent staining. Algae, moss, lichens and leaves can build up causing damp, problems to drainage systems and block natural light.

Pressure washing your conservatory yourself can cause serious damage and leakages. At Sonny's Solar Shine LTD, we pride ourselves on being the best, so sit back, relax, and allow our specialist conservatory valet service to make your conservatory immaculately clean again.


Our deep exterior treatment involves:

  • Ridding the apex, finials cresting and flashing of built up dirt staining and tarnish

  • Clearing out gutters of damaging debris

  • Expert cleaning of windows

  • Cleaning of all door, window frames and sills

  • Minor cosmetic repairs

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